The Corpses are the members of The Graveyard Book Club!
A collection of 10,000 designed and generated unique PFP NFT’s.
The Corpses heard the stories of goblins, mutants and zombies roaming about above ground and decided come and see for themselves what all the fuss is about. So in the light of the full moon they rise from their graves and walk amongst the living, reading some books and disturbing your reality.
I mean honestly, who wants to stay six feet under forever?

The Graveyard Book Club minted out in a few hours and with slow and steady momentum has gained popularity and a supporting community.

The Graveyard Book Club was released initially without a roadmap or any utility, but the creative team have been inspired by the support and interest to deliver some exciting add on projects in the near future of which The Graveyard Book Club NFT holders will gain massive benefits.

10,000 AFRICANS Infiltrating the NFT space in the spirit of UBUNTU. 

“A quality that includes the virtues of unity, compassion and humanity.” 

The African Continent and her people have suffered Racism, Apartheid, Colonialism, Tribalism, Wars, Climate Change, Slavery and Corruption… The Africans are here to take their continent back! UBUNTU!!!

Taking back Africa and Taking over the NFT World!

The newest project from the STLWL team.
The Africans NFT have gained a fast growing community of supporters eagerly awaiting the public mint on the 20th of August 2022.

The Africans NFT is a project inspired by the OG and ever so popular CryptoPunks collection, but with an African twist – with the beautiful flags of the 54 African countries transformed into pixel art and implemented as NFT background layers, this collection is truly unique and poised to be a hit on the NFT market.

Welcome to “The Bush”!

The home of the PartLy Animals, a group of wild and eccentric clipart style avatar NFT’s.
The Bush” is a utopian paradise that exists in the dimension between the real world and Web3.
Your PartLy Animal doubles as your Membership to “The Bush“, where holders can engage, collaborate and share in members-only benefits.

The PartLy Animals exist as a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectable NFT’s.

The PartLy Animals are on a mission to make a difference in their world through the power of NFT as 10% of all proceeds will be used to aid Wildlife and Nature Conservation in Africa.

Existing on the Ethereum blockchain for NFT and Animal lovers alike.

The project at the very heart of STLWL – Creative Colab.
The PartLy Animals project aims to aid Wildlife conservation in Africa while generating utility value for the NFT holders.

The PartLy Animals project has a message of Self Love and being unique and proud of it.