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The Corpses

The Corpses are the members of The Graveyard Book Club!
A collection of 10,000 designed and generated unique PFP NFT’s.
The Corpses heard the stories of goblins, mutants and zombies roaming about above ground and decided come and see for themselves what all the fuss is about. So in the light of the full moon they rise from their graves and walk amongst the living, reading some books and disturbing your reality.
I mean honestly, who wants to stay six feet under forever?

The Corpses realized that if they could rise above ground, their next stop could be The Moon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mint Price?

Free + gas. 3 mint per wallet.

Is there a Discord?

No, We will be focusing all our community communications via Twitter. Follow us to stay up to date.

Where do I buy a Corpse?

Get your own Corpse by minting above. Once minted out, The Graveyard Book Club NFT collection will be available on Opensea, LooksRare and Rarible.

Is there a Roadmap?

No, generic roadmaps with generic promises will not fly. We want to build a brand with The Graveyard Book Club, letting the story unfold one page a t a time. Follow the story of The Corpses on Twitter.

What is the rarity of the collection?

Each Corpse is unique and programmatically generated. Every Corpse is rare and some are rarer than others. There is also 6 ultra rare individually designed one-of-ones nested in the collection – you will want to own one of these… trust me!


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0 (Free)

Mint Price in ETH

18 July 2022

Live Mint Date